Standby Generator Installation for Commercial Use in Dallas

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Whole House Generator Installation in Dallas and Fort Worth

Home Standby Generators Are Like Superheroes, Ready to Save the Day in Times of Power Outages.

Professional Standby Generator Installation in Dallas

A standby generator is a true game-changer. Unlike a portable generator, it stands permanently on a solid base next to your commercial building or residential property, ready to pounce into action whenever there’s a power outage. 

Standby Generator for Dallas Homes

For residential use, you don’t even need to roll it out of the garage or shed – it automatically springs to life thanks to an electronic switch, even if you’re far away.

Though it comes at a cost (ranging from $4,500 to $15,000), the peace of mind from having essential household systems and appliances constantly running is priceless. So, are you ready to always be one step ahead of power outages? 

generator being installed in dallas by armor electrical
residential generator being installsed in dallas texas

Backup Generator Installations for Dallas Businesses

In times of power outages, businesses like restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, and coffee shops are at risk of losing customers, inventory, and their overall operational efficiency. Spoiled food, piled-up dirty dishes, and unusable restrooms are but a few of the many nightmare scenarios resulting from power disruptions. What’s worse, signature dishes and beverages can’t be served and enjoyed without power.

But, with a top-notch commercial standby generator, food service businesses will not only stay open during the worst of times but can offer succor and sustenance to the affected area’s residents, and even first responders!

When the Power Goes Out You Don’t Lose Money!

By having a commercial standby generator, Dallas area businesses can keep running as usual and provide hot meals to those impacted by power outages. Not only does this benefit the community during emergencies, it also builds a positive brand image as you stay open while others are forced to close.

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