Cost Effective Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

Armor Electrical, a top-rated commercial and industrial electrical service provider based in Dallas, Texas, specializes in state of the art EV charging stations in the DFW area.

Increase Your Profits and Meet the Growing Demand

Install EV Charging Stations for Revenue Growth, Customer Attraction and Loyalty Building.

Get Ready to Increase Your Property Value and Profits with Commercial EV Charging Stations in Dallas!

The EV Revolution Has Arrived

Armor Electrical has some exciting news! We’ve teamed up with JuiceBar and Breez-EV, two of the fastest growing EV charging companies in the US, to provide top-of-the-line commercial EV charging stations to businesses throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, and neighboring towns.

Our team of commercial electricians has been hard at work installing chargers for businesses like yours, so your employees and customers can stay charged up and ready to roll.

The electric mobility industry is booming, and progressive companies are taking notice. This rapidly expanding market is expected to reach a value of $150 billion by 2030.


Commercial EV Charging Station Benefits in Dallas

Industry analysts predict continuous growth in the sales of electric vehicles in the U.S. In fact, they expect it to accelerate as technology improves. Because of this trend, many companies are offering access to commercial charging stations in Dallas and Fort Worth near their parking areas, as a bonus incentive for their employees and guests.

Gas stations, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings, office complexes and high traffic areas can all make a substantial profit by providing convenient charging options for local drivers.

Attract New Customers

EV charging stations are a fantastic way for eco-friendly businesses to charge up their revenue and attract a clientele that cares about the environment.

Establish Your Brand

Boost brand visibility and strengthen bonds with eco-conscious EV drivers. This loyal customer base is growing and your business could capitalize by installing commercial EV charging stations for your Dallas area company.

Build Customer Loyalty

With an EV charging station for your Dallas business, you can capture the attention of eco-conscious drivers by aligning your services with their values. Investing in sustainable solutions can attract customers who prioritize ethical and environmentally-friendly products.

Increase Profits

We’re not just talking about charging customers’ electric cars, which is profitable. Researchers discovered that half of the chargers’ revenue comes from sales generated by customers in Texas who shop while their vehicle is charging!

Build Zoom Award

Award Winning Electrical Contractor In Dallas

Armor Electrical has received top marks from BuildZoom.Com, who has rated us in the top 4% of 222,240 contractors in the state of Texas. With an active license and a total score of 110, this places Armor Electrical in an exclusive group of companies that have been thoroughly verified and vetted.