EMP Shield Protection for Homes, Businesses and Vehicles in Dallas

Protect your entire home and business from lighting, solar flares, power surges and EMP attacks.

Why Do I Need EMP Shield Protection in Dallas?

With EMP Shield and Armor Electrical, we provide comprehensive protection solutions for lightning strikes, solar flares, and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks. Our range of products safeguards your home, business, vehicle(s), RV, solar/wind systems, and radio equipment against potential disruptions. Whether it’s surge protection for your electrical system or your vehicles, we have you covered for those that live in the DFW area.

Something to Consider…

Did you know that a lightning strike can damage your electronics in your home or business from as far away as 3 miles depending on where the strike occurs and what equipment is between your building and the strike zone. Dallas does get its fair share of lightning strikes per year.

Did you know that an EMP attack is a nuclear warhead that if exploded 300 miles above the center of the United States will destroy all electronics that are not protected in the United States.

If your vehicle is left unprotected during an EMP attack, you may be stranded, unable to reach your family. It’s crucial to have the means to drive home safely. This device may save your life or a loved one.

How Does EMP Shield Work?

EMP shield’s innovative technology, SightSpeed, safeguards your electrical system against overvoltage surges originating from both within your home and the grid. By promptly shunting the excessive voltage in less than 1 billionth of a second, our system prevents any potential damage to your equipment. Trust SightSpeed to provide reliable protection for your electrical system.

When the Power Goes Out You Don’t Have to Live in the Dark

Additionally, EMP shield protection device ensures the proper operation of all your electrical devices, including your standby generator. We at Armor Electrical sell and maintain backup generators for both residential and commercial applications.

10-Year Warranty

EMP Shield offers guaranteed protection for all of your electronically plugged devices within your building’s power supply. Our product has undergone rigorous testing and is trusted by the Department of Defense and Homeland Security to safeguard government, military, and grid systems.

Residential and Commercial Applications

We offer two different EMP Shield devices designed for both residential and commercial use. Whether you need a recessed electrical panel or a flush mounted panel, our devices provide reliable protection for your home or business.

For vehicles we have a device for your automobiles, Motorhomes, RVs, boats, motorcycles, ATV’s, any motorized vehicle.  We also have devices for solar,  wind and radio protection.

Build Zoom Award

Award Winning Electrical Contractor In Dallas

Armor Electrical has received top marks from BuildZoom.Com, who has rated us in the top 4% of 222,240 contractors in the state of Texas. With an active license and a total score of 110, this places Armor Electrical in an exclusive group of companies that have been thoroughly verified and vetted.