Electrical Panel Services in Dallas

Entrust Your Commercial Electrical Panel Installation and Repair to the Pros at Armor Electrical for Lightning-Fast Solutions.

Expert Commercial Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement in Dallas

Why settle for an outdated electrical panel when you can upgrade to a slick, modern model? At Armor Electrical, we assist homeowners and commercial or industrial businesses in Dallas, Fort Worth and beyond with electric panel replacements to guarantee your safety and increase your amperage.

Our electricians bring the freshest techniques to make your home or business a safer place, while providing the opportunity to add electrical circuits for future upgrades. Plus, our panel work gets an A+ with third-party permits and inspections, keeping your system secure for years to come.

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When is it Time for An Electrical Panel Replacement?

Electrical panels are supposedly invincible and are known for their longevity of around 25-40 years. But hey, let’s face it, they aren’t immortal beings. Once you’ve crossed the 25-year milestone, it’s a good practice to have them inspected since their lifespan can vary, depending on power surges, wear and tear, and even the occasional manufacturer defect.

Burning Smell

Does your panel smell like it’s burning plastic or burning wood? Yikes! Both are super bad news, so you’ll want to schedule electric panel services with our Dallas area team ASAP to sort it out.

Breakers Tripping On A Regular Basis

While the electrical panel is intended to break for safety purposes, it can also be a subtle cue that you need to upgrade. Perhaps you’re simply using more power than before, indicating that it’s time to enhance your capacity.

New Large Appliances or Equipment

Like the previous point, you may face a capacity issue with your existing electrical panel. Upgrading to a new dishwasher, dryer, or other appliance may not be possible without a panel upgrade. It’s important to take this step to ensure the safe operation of your new appliance.

The Panel is Warm to the Touch

A residential or industrial electrical panel will regulate how hot your electrical system becomes, and overheating should trigger a circuit breaker to trip. If your panel gets warm or hot when you touch it, you should contact our team in the Dallas area to replace or repair your electric panel.

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Award Winning Electrical Contractor In Dallas

Armor Electrical has received top marks from BuildZoom.Com, who has rated us in the top 4% of 222,240 contractors in the state of Texas. With an active license and a total score of 110, this places Armor Electrical in an exclusive group of companies that have been thoroughly verified and vetted.