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Home Electric Car Charger Installation in Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Beyond

Who has 17 hours to spare for a fully charged electric car battery? Not you! The standard outlet takes too long to charge your battery, giving your car only 5 miles of juice per hour. If you’re picky about public EV chargers, we have the perfect solution: get a home level 2 charger and save time…and your sanity!

With a Level 2 EV charger for your Dallas area home, drawing 240 volts of power (the same as your dryer and washing machine), you’ll get between 12-60 miles of range per hour. What does it mean for you? With a home charger, you’ll wake up to a fully charged EV, ready to take on the world.

Electric cars are all the rage in Dallas, Fort Worth and beyond, and who can blame them? You save money, save the planet, and zip around in silence. But, unless you want to wait 24 whole hours, you need to call Armor Electrical. We’ll hook you up with a speedy EV charging unit tailored to your specific vehicle, so you can hit the road in just a couple of hours. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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The Benefits of A Home Electric Car Charger Installation in Dallas

Save Time

Having an electric vehicle charger for your hybrid plug-in or EV makes life a breeze and is a no-brainer for busy bees with places to buzz. Let’s be real, who’s got time to squeeze in that detour to the public station.

Longer Battery Life

Extending the battery’s lifespan to its fullest potential is achievable through effective tactics. While public charging stations come in handy, it’s wise to exercise caution as they tend to wear the battery down unexpectedly faster.

Save Money

And let’s face it, getting an at-home charging setup saves you some serious moolah in the long haul. Sure, there is an initial cost to get one installed, but the savings will have you feeling like the king of the world in the long run.

Higher Home Value

With the rising popularity of EV’s, homeowners can increase the desirability and value of their homes by installing an EVSE. Potential buyers will appreciate the added convenience and be more willing to pay top dollar for your home.

Have peace of mind knowing that every morning your vehicle will be fully charged!

Don’t let a little thing like charging your electric vehicle stop you from taking your ride on the wild side with an EV! Skip that cumbersome trip to the public charging station and charge up your car overnight with an electric car charger at your home in Dallas or Fort Worth – you’ll be rolling out the door with a full charge ready to hit the road!